Make Your Own Dessert Skewers

sweets skewers

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the “sweetest” and that couldn’t be more true than when you make your own dessert skewers. There have been a lot of candy skewers featured, using fruity & jelly-style candies and marshmallows, but these here are geared more for adults {of course kids love ’em too} and can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or even a cocktail! They’re darling standing upright and no special base is required.

valentines day candy sticks

Make Your Own Dessert Skewers

  • Small box of assorted chocolates with a flat base
  • Round truffles {I used Lindt & Raffaello brands}
  • Donut holes
  • 8 inch wooden skewers

Carefully poke the skewer through each item and slide them on. Make sure to use the flat chocolate at the end so it will stand on it’s on.

Embellish the top portion of the skewer with paper or ribbon flags.

Dress the skewers for Valentine’s Day by adding in heart-shaped marshmallows, and themed embellishments to the skewer.

I also dipped the doughnut holes in red-tinted melted chocolate to add to the theme.

sweets skewers

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    • Chris says

      Veda, I made those using wooden skewers from the grocery store, and craft balls from Michael’s. Craft glue holds it in place.