Make A Watermelon Cake

There’s nothing quite like Summer entertaining as it takes you outside on the patio, or by the pool, or on the beach.  Yummy food and drinks are a major component too, with pot lucks and theme parties being so prevalent.  This “watermelon cake” that I made for my latest contribution to Tablespoon is the perfect dessert to bring to your next summer pot-luck party. Get the recipe here or simply make a white cake and tint it a deep pink color before baking.

The real treat is that it looks like a big cross section of watermelon with the green rind and chocolate chip seeds.  Here are my tips for getting the look:

  • Baking 2 layers will yield 2 watermelon cakes.
  • Divide white icing into 2 separate bowls.  Add green food coloring to one until desired color is achieved.  Add red food coloring to the other until desired color is achieved.
  • Start with the red frosting and cover the top of each cake layer, leaving about 1/4 inch border.
  • Using the green frosting, cover the sides and border area.
  • Top with mini chocolate chips for “seeds.”

{photos by Celebrations At Home}

I hope you’ll give this cake a try.  Your guests and the kids will love how it looks!

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  1. says

    LOVE this!! I’m throwing cami a little watermelon themed party this summer so this will be perfect :) thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    That cake is so cute! Perfect summer dessert.

  3. Chef says

    Very funky cake!
    Just for the sake of photorealism – does the original fruit have seeds in the center? :))