Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake for the Kids

make a Thanksgiving Turkey cupcake - Chris Nease {Celebrations At Home}

I haven’t had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving in quite a while, and I’m kinda bummed about that. We used to host our “Friendsgiving” and then we switched it up one year and moved it to our friend’s house where it stayed for a few more years. The past few years we’ve been going back to my in-laws for the holiday so in return we get to host Christmas. It’s one big juggling act as with most families.

Back when I did host at my house {about 7-8 years ago} I made these turkey cupcakes for the kids one year. I found the idea online at one of those brand recipe sites, which was such a novelty back then. I made a turkey cupcake for each child that year. They were pretty young at the time and as much as they liked them then, I think my kids {ages 11 & 12} appreciate them even more now!

Kids Thanksgiving place setting

These make a great addition to your child’s place setting or the kids table, and you can be sure that cupcakes, cookies, and fruit strips will please most kid’s picky palette even when an array of homemade pies may not.

Here’s how to make them…

supplies feathersturkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

  • Chocolate frosted cupcakes
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Fruit roll up strips – variety pack is best for more color variations
  • mini chocolate chips
  • toothpicks
  • additional frosting or decorator gel
  • Kitchen scissors to cut fruit strips

Unroll fruit strips and cut into feather shapes about 3 inches long x 1 inch wide.

Lay a toothpick down the back of the fruit with enough extended at the bottom to place into cupcake later.

Place another thin strip of fruit over the toothpick and press it so it adheres and holds the toothpick securely.

Continue until you have 5 “feathers” per cupcake.

Use a tiny dab of frosting to adhere mini chips for eyes, and another strip of fruit roll up for the waddle, onto the Nutter Butter cookie. Push cookie into center of cupcake.

Attach fruit strip “feathers” by inserting toothpick into cupcake. Display until ready to eat.

These will look adorable in a grouping on a platter, or sitting at each child’s place setting.

For more Thanksgiving decor, add a mini pumpkin on the plate and tie on a tag with each person’s name. This simple idea takes no time at all and looks totally festive and chic.

the kids table - Thanksgivingkids thanksgiving plate


Behind the scenes ramblings:  I’ve gotta tell you, I was very disappointed with the fruit strips I used.  I don’t know who makes it but the name on the box is “fruit roll ups.”  As you can see from the picture above they have branding dyed right onto the fruit strips!!  I had to strategically cut around that – so annoying and unnecessary.  Also, I wondered if the overall formula for making these fruit strips has changed in the last 7 years, or if it was just this brand.  These seemed thinner and flimsier to work with than I remember.   I do think the tips I’ve provided will help though.  Adding the extra backing to the toothpick is essential.  Have fun, and maybe look for a generic brand at the $1 store.

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