Magical Moss Centerpieces

There can be more to a centerpiece than just flowers and candles. Why don’t you try incorporating some moss details into your next arrangement. The top photo is very simple with sheet moss and votive candles. They show a hanging version but you could easily use this idea with a large bowl or dish…maybe even a small birdbath or urn.

The glass holders in the second picture have been wrapped with sheet moss. Try glueing the moss to a strip of paper and then attach the paper to the glass with double sided tape.
The photos above and below use moss rocks, and sphagnum moss. I’ve found the rocks at places like TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Target, and some craft stores. You can easily find a variety of mosses in bags at the craft store.

I love how absolutely simple these decorations are. Just a pile of moss in a jar and a butterfly detail. Takes me back to the days as a kid when catching fireflies in a jar was a big deal!


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  1. Christi Bennett says:

    I love moss in centerpieces! I just bought a package at Michael's to fill a clear, square vase that I put artificial cream hydrangeas in.

  2. Shelley@divinepartyconcepts says:

    I love the top photo with the votive candles! Have a great weekend!

  3. amy * stem * says:

    I'm with you. I just love the little jar idea. Let's do that when we haver OUR girl weekend. : )

  4. I love this whole post! I love moss anything and especially the jar idea. I'm thinking about using those for my white wine tasting now. Thanks!

  5. Love these ideas – thanks for posting them. I'm working on some woodsy type table ideas so these are great.

  6. justfineinflipflops says:

    Great ideas, I love anything with mason jars (Mason is my oldest son's name)! The moss is very unique and unexpected. Thanks for the post~~Ingrid


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