Love Bug Birthday Party {Guest Feature}

If you have a little “ladybug” or “love bug” of your own, here’s an adorable themed party with lots of garden details sent to us by Jenny of Bloom Designs. Jenny designed the printable papers for the party which are great for a Ladybug theme or any garden themed party.

The styling is by her friend Lauren, who used lots of faux grass, flowers, and bug details. The candy caterpillars are especially cute! Here are the details and a description from Lauren….

I created this LOVE BUG party for my daughter, Jayne’s, 3rd birthday. Because we have always called her, “love bug” and her birthday is in the spring, it seemed fitting to have a garden-themed affair. I wanted to incorporate bugs but I did not want it to be too scientific, scary or gross so I lightened the look with a fresh pink and green color scheme and a “cute” bug which was pink with white polka dots – another look I incorporated throughout the party.

Knowing my daughter’s interests right now, I also wanted to incorporate an element of dressing up and imaginative play. When each guest arrived, they received a “picnic packed for a little love bug” at their seat as well as a pair of lovebug wings on the back of their chair. Each child dined on Jayne’s favorites – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretzels (which I labeled, “sticks”), green grapes and love bug lemonade. After lunch they were entertained by Queen Laura, creator and owner of Dramagination, an LA based company that entertains children through imaginative play. Queen Laura lead the children through an imaginary experience in an Enchanted Garden. She incorporated my party favors into her entertainment and it worked out great!

Each child used their butterfly net to catch butterflies and their bug jars to catch fake bugs that she spread throughout my backyard. While the kids were being entertained, the adults dined on butterflies (bow tie pasta), lady bugs (watermelon), caterpillars (apples in the shape of a caterpillar), cocoons (mini corn dogs), wood chips (chips and dip), and of course some “greens from the garden” (salad). They also sipped on beetle juice (pink lemonade). The centerpiece of the food table was made of faux grass and gerbera daisies which I spread some ladybugs all throughout. The kids thought they were real!

After lunch everyone treated themselves to the dessert table. The design of the dessert table was inspired by the invitation, incorporating the same font and stripes in the look of the table. While the biggest hit was the cake, they also enjoyed the “dandelions” (powdered sugar donuts) and “roly poly’s (sour watermelon balls) the most!”

Party PrintablesBloom Designs Online / Birthday CakeDorie Kinney / Love bug CookiesSugar and Flour / Picnic Baskets – Big Lots / Lovebug Wings – Cruz Creations / EntertainmentQueen Laura

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  1. says

    My daughter is obsessed with ladybugs and this is such a sweet idea for a birthday party. I love the color scheme and the details like the caterpillars – fantastic. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  2. says

    Aaaaaw!! This is absolutely adorablely sweet. Now I wish I had a little girl to do this for, I don’t think my son would be too impressed. Nice work, it’s lovely!

  3. Lori orman says

    My daughters 3rd b day is coming up and we r doing a picnic theme. Could you tell me where u purchased the grass mats?

  4. Courtney says

    Hi, Adorable party! Can you tell me where to find those baskets? I need some for my daughters Teddy Bear Picnic.

    • Chris says

      Kerrie, those lightweight (wooden) letters can be hot glued on to the fabric backdrop.

      • Kerrie says

        Thanks for your quick response! Is the fabric backdrop just tacked to a wall or is it free standing somehow?