Creative Halloween Ideas

With a little more than 24 hours to conjur up some spells, here are some last minute ideas to help you host a goulish gathering before or after Trick-or-Treating. For the adults, try some ‘spirited’ concoctions with creepy details. Floating eyeballs, blood rimmed glasses, test tube shots, and mad science experiments can get any party started! And for something healthy to nosh on, how about some veggies displayed as a skeleton. Maybe even the kids will eat their vegetables when they look this fun!
Set up the room decor so it is pleasing to both adults and kids alike.

Speaking of kids, how about any of these pleasing treat presentations? Wrap lollipops to look like ghosts and insert into foam covered with grass. Serve up some yummy mummies with mummy-wrapped treat containers, and mummy pizzas!
I also love the idea of using simple store bought cookies(oreos, and nutter butters) and insert a lollipop stick into the cream filling part, then dip into melted chocolate and decorated with gels and candies to look like all sorts of goblins. Float a hand in the punch by filling a non-powdered rubber glove with water. Tie off the end tightly and freeze tonight. When ready to serve, remove the glove from the ice form and float. Add a drop or two of food coloring to add to the look.
Finally, grab those orange lanterns and turn them into pumpkins with some felt leaves, and pipe cleaner vines.
I hope you will try some of these last minute ideas, and have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!
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  1. Happy Halloween! Thanks for the last minute tips :) I might be throwing a last minute party!

  2. Those are some great halloween Ideas. One of my favorite ideas is a graveyard gelatin cake. It is so cute check it out here

  3. Natasha @ Fête Fanatic says:

    These are cute ideas. I like the mad science beeker type glasses, and the pumpkin paper lanterns.. too cute!

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