Kids Halloween Treats Table


Are you ready to start planning for Halloween? There are 5 weekends in October that are prime for hosting a party for the kids. I used the Halloween collection from Bird’s Party to help create a treats table for kids for Bird’s Party Magazine. Check out some of the creative ideas I came up with…

I was thrilled to work with Candy Valley Cake Co. again – they made these adorable and delicious Halloween cake balls that look like jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts. These are the star of our sweets table and can be washed down with milk served from my “ghost” milk bottles.

In using the printable paper collection for this design I wanted to do something different. I think we are well versed in the application of cupcake circles, but how about using the circles as snack sack embellishments – creating a sort of “backdrop” to the treats inside. I did that with small white bags found at Michael’s, added a strip of ribbon down the front, and placed them in a library-style drawer. I also used one of the name cards and cut it down to fit into the label plate across the front of the drawer. You don’t have to use printable party sets only for tags, cupcakes, and place card – get creative and think of how you can use them differently!

This set also has cut-outs that can be used in hundreds of ways. I placed the bats on skewers, pumpkins on the centerpiece ‘haunted house’, and to decorate favor tins.

I have to say I was quite proud of my self when I came up with the idea of creating these “ghost” milk bottles. They are unique and whimsical and add a great detail to the table. I simply used small Styrofoam balls and placed them on top of the bottle filled with milk. Then draped cheesecloth over the whole thing, which clings to the ball to make it secure. I then punched out circles from black paper and glued them on for eyes. All the kids have to do is remove the ball with cheesecloth and drink their milk.

A few of the treats from the table can be used as favors. We have “test tubes” filled with Reese’s Pieces, and black tins filled with my favorite seasonal mix, cocktail peanuts and candy corn. When eaten together it tastes just like a PayDay candy bar!

I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas here to try. Happy Halloween!

Design & Styling – Chris Nease, Celebrations At Home / Party Printables – Bird’s Party / Cake Pops – Candy Valley Cake Company


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  1. Sarah {Sheek Shindigs} says

    Love, Love everything about it! You did a fabulous job, Chris. And man, could the milk ghosts be any cuter? So creative!

  2. Jennifer Dendtler says

    I agree; would love to know where you got the test tubes! I think I like decorating for Halloween even more than Christmas, maybe because my kids are willing to pitch in. I just bought new coasters from Hadley (one of my addictions) to use at my party so that I don’t have to worry the kids (pre-teens actually) leaving a mark. They are super cute as well.

  3. Chris says

    Thank you guys, so much!
    Pat & Jennifer, those test tubes are in a lot of stores right now, like Target or Walmart. They are sold with Halloween sprinkles inside (for decorating cookies & cakes). Hope that helps and you can find them.

  4. Wendy says

    So cute! Lots of fun ideas for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your creativity! Halloween is right up there w/ Christmas these days.