Healthy Food Choices For The Kids

simply balanced snacks

We’re all trying to make healthier food choices in our every day life, right? And as a mom, one of the more challenging things to instill into our kids is the importance of healthy eating and snacking. In our home we try to balance weekly indulgences with smarter everyday choices. We tried to raise our kids on fresh fruits and steamed vegetables at most meals, and although they still get giddy about boxed mac-n-cheese, they DO eat the healthy foods we brought them up on.

I teamed up with Target this month to try out some of their new Simply Balanced foods, which helps take the guesswork out of eating healthy. Some of the things I love about the line of foods is that they’re required to meet nutritional guidelines like low sodium and fat, zero Trans Fat, no Hydrogenated Oils or high fructose corn syrup, and no synthetic colors, artificial preservatives, flavors or sweeteners.

I took the kids shopping with me to pick out some of the foods they wanted to try, and here’s how we incorporated it into our everyday eating plan. TIP: Getting the kids involved in picking out healthy choices makes them more enthusiastic about eating them – just make sure they know the parameters so they’re not picking out chocolate cookies instead.



  • It was easy to put together a healthy lunch with “kid appeal”: lean ham & cheese sandwich on round multi-grain sandwich thins {we love to used these for mini pizzas too}, baby carrots, Simply Balanced baked potato chips, and a Simply Balanced fruit peel packet for ‘dessert.’


simply balanced dried fruitdried fruit snack


  • My kids love to eat dried fruit, especially my son. We combined 3 varieties of Simply Balanced dried fruits to create a yummy combo for afternoon snacking. My daughter likes to pair it with sunflower seeds and almonds for an extra protein punch.


simply balanced granolagreek yogurt and granola

Breakfast {or Snack}

  • I’m a big fan of granola….my kids are big fans of yogurt. Together we have the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack, that feels like dessert. We always choose Greek yogurt because of the extra protein, and the crunchy Simply Balanced granola is the perfect topper. It’s also good with some of the yogurt covered raisins {above} mixed into the granola.

I can’t wait to try some of the other items in the Simply Balance line, like tortilla chips, cracker-like crisps, other granola flavors, and granola bars.  What are some of your favorite ways to get the kids to eat healthy?


TargetTake the guesswork out of eating well.

Introducing Simply Balanced,a new brand from Target that’s thoughtfully crafted for taste and goodness.



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  1. Ellen says

    Everything looks delicious! I would love to know where you got the separated food trays in the first photo. :)

    • Chris says

      Ellen, I found those a couple of years ago, at Target I think. I think you can find them periodically at places like Target and Walmart.