Inspiration Board – Horse Theme Birthday

Stacey wanted a Horse Themed Birthday party for her daughter who is turning 6.  She already picked out the adorable red and tan horse invitations, so I went from there to create a fun backyard celebration!

Beginning with the invitations selected, add a horseshoe (real or a paper silhouette, or painted wooden shape) along with it.

The overall concept is “classic picnic-style“. Set up the back yard with a tent or two, for shade and to define the space. Set up dining tables and chairs, as well as food or craft tables underneath. Place a “welcome” chalkboard sign near the entrance. Hang a photo gallery of the birthday girl over the years. Just tie a long piece of twine to 2 points, and attach photos with clothes pins. You could set this up as a backdrop to the dessert bar if you like. Just fill 2 flower pots with sand, insert a pole into each (like a broomstick handle), then tie the twine to each pole/stick.

Cover the tables with craft paper from the craft store (or make place mats with it). Centerpieces can be buckets of apples, or casual wild flower arrangements. Provide “twig” pencils for the kids to write/draw right on the craft paper. For lunch, serve Boxed Lunches! Fill them with a sandwich, cut veggies or fruit, and chips. The boxes can be lined up on a separate table to be distributed, or set up at each place setting before hand. Serve drinks with red labels (cokes, Izze, red juice, or water bottles wrapped with coordinating paper).

For dessert and snacks, set up a buffet of cookies, candy apples, and flavored popcorn (Kettle Corn is delicious!). You may provide bags to fill up and take home as well.

The big activity of the day is pony rides! You may also provide wooden shaped horseshoes from the craft store, and paints, gems, etc, for the kids to decorate their own horseshoe. Classic backyard relay games can be played also (sack race, water balloon toss, etc).

Set up a Photo Station with a bale of hay and horse saddle. Kids can sit on it and have their pictures taken. Provide either a cowboy hat or a riders cap if you like.

Place small galvanized buckets full of favors into a classic red wagon. You could fill them with a mini toy horse, the craft horseshoe they’ve decorated, dessert bags they’ve filled, a chocolate horse lollipop, twig pencils, etc.

Classic Hobby Horse toys can be used as decor (to line the walkway to the party area), as toys for the kids to use during the party, or as favors for each child.

Photo Sources:
chalkboard, hobby horses, horseshoes, invitation(Etsy)
sandwich, box lunch, place setting, tent, box with apple, twig pencils, kids table
cookie buffet, candy apples, drinks display,
hanging pictures, popcorn, caramel apples, red punch
horseshoe craft, saddle & hay, pony ride,
bucket favors, red favor bags, red wagon, sack race

Additional Shopping Sources:
Horse lollipop molds
Hobby horses
Twig pencils
Wooden craft horseshoes
Gable lunch boxes

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