I’ll Drink To That! {Glass Stenciling}

After learning about stamping your party plates with food coloring gel, you can imagine my jubilation when I found this equally fabulous party project, for your glasses! This genius idea comes from A Subtle Revelry, and was done for a Roast & Toast Housewarming party. She simply used stencils, corn syrup, and cinnamon to ‘etch’ the word temporarily onto the wine glasses. I would love to do this with the word “Cheers” as well, or “Baby” for a baby shower, “Love” for a bridal shower…you get the picture. Read the ‘how-to’ here, and see more of the Housewarming party.

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  1. Simply Creative Insanity says

    love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing….maybe I can use these for the hubbies 40th!

  2. Morgan says

    This is a GREAT idea! I love it, can't wait to use it! thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Joanne Kennedy says

    Cute idea. But, wouldn't they smear if someone grabbed the glass where the corn syrup was? I can just picture everyone with sticky fingers.


  4. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    You are absolutely correct, Joanne! I'm sure it's bound to happen…we call that "Party Foul!" ; )

  5. Aylee Bits says

    This is so cute! Very creative. And as for the smearing, hopefully the guests will grab or hold the wine glass by the stem.