Ice Cream Cones And Cotton Candy

Two icons of childhood are making quite the presence these days.  Ice cream cones are being used to hold all sorts of treats, combining form with function in the tastiest way!  Fill the cone with candies for favors, such as m&m’s, jelly beans, or gummies; serve a fruit parfait inside during a brunch or drinks on the patio; serve classic cupcakes or rice crispy balls inside for a birthday indulgence the kids will love!
Cotton candy, the mainstay of carnivals and fairs, is now a popular choice for dessert tables at any type of party.  Presented in paper cones (or ice cream cones!) they can be easily and stylishly transported…but that’s not all.  They can also serve as a fun drink garnish!  A great way to add whimsy to an adult function!  There are so many colors available, you can match up almost any color scheme.

Delight your guests at your next celebration with a new twist on a couple of old ideas.  Serve ice cream cones and cotton candy!
red drink, martini, cotton candy float (Martha Stewart), tea cup
cotton candy cup & cotton candy stick (Martha Stewart)
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  1. Party Pops says:

    Great Ideas, Love the pink rice crispy cone with chocolate on top!

  2. Courtney D. says:

    I love this post, such creative ideas for using ice cream cones in a new way!

  3. Susan Crabtree says:

    perfect timing! such fun ideas for our ice cream party next week!

  4. Natasha @ Fête Fanatic says:

    Cute ideas! I once used cones for spinach dip and breadsticks!

  5. Susan @ Entertain Exchange says:

    These are all so fun and pretty and not just for kids. I love the cotton candy float!

  6. there's a restaurant near me that serves little cones for dessert. I love it! Cones are so cute and bring out the kid in anyone!

  7. Christi Bennett @ pisforparty says:

    I have always been a cotton candy fan! Now that I have kids and realize that it is pure sugar, I totally get why my parents never wanted me to have it, ha!

    Thank you for the round up of so many great pictures! I may have to incorporate cotton candy in my birthday dinner coming up!

  8. I am working on a dessert bar for my daughters graduation party and will definitly have to include cotton candy now! What fun!

  9. I run for cake! says:

    I love ice cream cone cupcakes! We used to make these all the time when I was a kid, such a fun idea!

  10. The drink swizzles with the white cotton candy puffs are great!

  11. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    Lorie, that is cool! It combines a couple of ideas above. Thanks for the link!

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