How to Serve a Southern Style Burger

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Find out how we make the best burgers in the south!

How do you do burgers where you’re from? This country is a melting pot of people with different backgrounds based on culture, regional location, religions, and more. And it seems everyone has their own special way of serving up their burgers in the summer time. I’ve teamed up with Kroger’s Private Selection to show you how to serve a “Southern style” burger.

When I was a kid I remember going to a local burger joint with my dad. It was one of those places that kinda looked like the 50’s drive-ins, and it was locally owned – not a chain restaurant. I’m not sure how it came to be, but somehow the classic Southern burger became cheese, hot dog chili, cole slaw, and onion. The more – the messier – the better! Condiments like ketchup or mustard almost become unnecessary, although a little yellow mustard can add a nice spice to it.

See how we do burgers in the South. It's so full of flavor!

Build Your Burger – Southern Style:

  • I think what makes this so classically Southern is the slaw. We Southerners like our cole slaw, and we make it simply with mayonnaise and a little sugar. That’s how my dad made it when I was little, and that’s how I make it now. It’s funny how my mom would do all the cooking {other than grilling} except for cole slaw and fruit cake! Those were my dad’s specialties.
  • The onions are important too. They should be sweet onions, preferably vidalia if you have it.
  • The cheese is thinly sliced cheddar.
  • The hot dog chili goes hand in hand with the slaw – you can’t have one without the other! I make it very simply using ground beef, chili seasoning, tomato sauce, and a little sugar. The real secret is to brown the beef over low heat so the meat cooks into very small pieces. You can’t have big chunks in your hot dog/hamburger chili!
  • Finally, the buns. Sesame seed buns are the classic I grew up with. It’s just hard to beat.

The combination of cool slaw, crunchy onion slices, and saucy chili makes the perfect toppings for a warm grilled burger.

To make these delicious burgers I started out with Kroger’s Private Selection Prime Rib beef patties. They come frozen and can be taken from freezer to grill without thawing. They taste amazing and even my daughter, who is more of a carb girl than a protein girl, was begging for another!

You can end your meal with these mini dessert jars from Kroger’s Private Selection also. We found them in the bakery section and loved trying all the flavors!

mason jar dessert_apple crumble

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