My Top 10 Hostess Gift Ideas

Even with a week left until Christmas, there are still plenty of opportunities where you may need a hostess gift ready to give. I’ve teamed up with Apartment Guide to bring you my Top 10 List of Hostess Gift ideas, that you can still pick up or make. I do love homemade hostess gifts this time of year because we’re all so busy baking and making anyway, why not set some aside for gift giving.

You’ll notice in my list that I have some shopping recommendations for you because it’s too late to order anything online. Some are obvious and some reflect the fact that I really only shop at about 5-6 stores over and over again {hey, when you find what works…}. If you have any ideas or tips to add to the list, please leave a comment and share! And don’t forget, these hostess gift ideas are good all year long.

Gourmet Chocolates

  • Liqueur infused
  • Assorted Flavors
  • Exotic Spice infused
  • Shop Online Shops, iGourmet, Marshalls/TJMaxx/HomeGoods






  • Wrap it up pretty
  • Include a wine stopper for an extra gift
  • Include gourmet wine crackers
  • Shop local wine shops, Online wine clubs, Home Stores for accessories








Cocktail Bar Items

  • Monogrammed cocktail shakers
  • Flavored mixers
  • Decanter Labels
  • Shop Pier 1, Steinmart, Crate & Barrel, HomeGoods





Gift Basket

  • Create a “story” with your basket such as hot cocoa, a mug, and homemade marshmallows
  • Use an attractive container that the host/hostess can use for storage later
  • Package each individual item in a pretty way.
  • Combine homemade with store bought treats.


Home Baked Goods

  • Breads & mini cakes
  • Cookies
  • Spiced Nuts
  • Candies & marshmallows
  • Include a recipe card for the gift that keeps giving.




Coffee Lover’s Basket

  • Sampler Sizes of flavored coffees
  • Chocolate Dipped Spoons
  • Flavored Syrups
  • Shop gourmet food sections of Marshalls/TJMaxx/HomeGoods, Local gourmet shops




Cook’s Basket

  • Gourmet Olive Oils
  • Gourmet Vinegars
  • Oil & Herb Dipping Sets
  • Shop World Market, Gourmet shops




Mini Jams

  • Homemade or store bought
  • Include mini sizes in several flavors
  • Add pretty labels or fabric toppers
  • Alternatively, choose relishes & chutneys







Picture Frame

  • Choose something that matches their decor
  • When in doubt, crystal frames are a good choice.
  • Insert a holiday greeting message into the frame for a cute gifting “tag”
  • Shop Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, HomeGoods




  • For the journalist, give a pretty journal they can fill.
  • Give a book of inspirational quotes or stories
  • Give a book of humorous musings or stories
  • Shop book stores, Target, gift shops





Sources: 1 – chocolates, 2 – wine, 3 – bar items, 4 – gift basket, 5 – home baked goods, 6 – coffee lovers, 7 – cooks basket, 8 – jams, 9 – picture frames, 10 – books

Looking for more gift giving ideas? Apartment Guide provides a list of the 10 best housewarming gifts to ensure you are always on the party invite list. Whether you’re living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide offers tips on how to decorate and host a holiday party to make your guests feel at home on the Apartment Guide blog.


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