Havana Nights Party

HavanaNights1Havana nights placesetting Cuban themed foodHavanaNightsfoodHavana Nights party theme
I’m excited to share this latest project with you! I’ve recently had the opportunity to create some original party ideas for the Celebrations website. I’ve had a long relationship with the site writing articles and sharing my “real parties” with them, but to create editorial designs for inspiration purposes is what I love doing most of all! The first design I did is a Havana Nights party theme and includes some simple styling ideas as well as food, drink, and favor recommendations. This is a great party theme to welcome Spring, or to host for a males birthday celebration. The traditional Cuban icons such as cigars and ‘manly’ cocktails bring a naturally masculine touch to the party.
  • Set the table with rustic and tropical items which is what I think of when I think of Cuba.  A burlap table cover is a great base for simple white plates and colorful napkins.
  • A centerpiece of tropical flowers is the only way to go here.  Use a shipping style crate filled with excelsior as a riser for a cigar box filled with flowers.  Place a few cigars in the excelsior for a whimsical touch.
  • Post cards with a vintage and tropical look add some decor to the place settings, while a single fern leaf lays across the plate.
  • Serve signature drinks for the night – a mojito and a cuba libre is just what this party needs!
  • Themed appetizers are: empanadas, rice chips and salsa, and Cuban toasties {the classic sandwich gets an open faced, mini facelift for our party design}.
  • Traditional flan is served for dessert.  Make them in individual portion sizes by using ramekins.
  • Finally, send guests home with a fun favor: chocolate cigars presented in cigar boxes.  Find a local cigar shop and stock up on their discarded boxes for about $1 to $3 each.
You can check out the entire party gallery on the site to get all the ideas for hosting your own Night in Havana party.


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  1. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Thanks ladies!

    HiLLjo – Please visit the Celebrations.com gallery I linked to in order to get recipe links and resources. : )

  2. Save the Date for Cupcakes says

    This makes me want to go to the islands! I need a Mojito~ quick!

  3. Ingrid @ The Paisley Palm says

    My mom is Cuban (born in Havana) and we sooo love this party! Awesome!

  4. says

    Wow … this party knocks my “grown-up” socks right off … can’t even imagine how excited I will be at the party.
    The ideas is so fresh and creative,Chris,you just keep me amazing!I am eager to go to the islands with the great food.
    Great job,you are no doubt an artist!

  5. vicky patel says

    Hi i’m looking for a printable or digital invitations for my night in havana party. Can you help?

  6. says

    What a well-thought out and detailed theme! I live and work in South Florida not too far from “Little Havana” and our Cuban born population never tires of seeing themes of their homeland.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Rosana Santos Calambichis, President
    Manufacturer of Freshly prepared appetizers for a party or event of any size!

  7. says

    This is wonderful!! I love the heat and we vaca in hot places, this makes me wanna get away and party in the heat. Stunning display, as usual.