Halloween “Witch Fingers” Cookies

witch fingers Halloween cookies

What’s on your menu for Halloween parties? These Witch Fingers should be! These shortbread cookies that look just like fingers are my favorite things to make for Halloween. I made them one year for Ladies Night and one gal wouldn’t even eat them because they were so realistic and creepy looking. The trick is in the rolling of the dough so you don’t get cookies that are straight up and down – you want them thin with big gnarly knuckles!

How to make Witch Finger cookies

You’ll need:

Pinch off sections of dough and roll them between your hands like a log.

To make “fingers” roll 3 segments {2 ends & middle} very thinly and leave two areas thicker for the “knuckles.”

Use a small paring knife to cut shallow lines into the knuckles.

Prepare the almond “nails” by scraping off the top layer of the almond {the brown part}, but leaving some striations for effect. I used a small pairing knife to do this.

Press almonds into one end of the dough and bake on parchment paper lined baking sheet as directed.

Once your cookies are cooled completely, use the red decorator icing/gel to adhere the almonds to the cookie, and to outline the almond to look like blood.

Serve your Witch Fingers on a plate, upright in a small dish, or place them in mini “dirt” cups.

witch fingers cookies

These individual pots of “dirt” are a fun way to serve these finger cookies, and I used our FREE printable tags to dress them up. I didn’t even follow a recipe for the dirt cups but they ended up tasting delicious. All I did was mix together equal amounts of crumbled chocolate Swiss cake rolls and  Cool Whip, plus 1 crushed Oreo per pot. I topped it with crushed Oreos and inserted the fingers and whala! A delicious SPOOKY treat.

See these lined up – that’s my first batch where I didn’t roll them thin enough to get the proper knuckle to finger ratio.  Still cute enough but not the real creepy effect you want, like the ones at the top.

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  1. says

    Hey there! Stopping in from SITS. These are awesome! I love the presentation. I plan to make these for our Halloween party. Thanks.

  2. Michelle says

    I’m in the process of making these…the dough seems really too loose and sticky to roll. I double checked measurements and I did everything right, so I’m going to try my best and see what happens. Oh wait, just noticed the tester fingers I put into the oven are spreading everywhere. :(