Glass Vase Snowman

Isn’t this little guy cute! I made him in a jiffy with just a few simple items:
  • faux snow flakes,
  • 2 mini fish bowl vases,
  • felt fabric,
  • adhesive gems,
  • googly eyes.
Simply fill each vase with the snow flakes and stack one on top of the other.
Cut a small triangle from orange felt, for the nose, and a long strip from another color of your choice for the scarf. Cut fringe into the ends of the scarf and wrap it around where the vases connect.
Use double stick tape to adhere the nose and to keep the scarf in place.
Finally, use adhesive gems to create a mouth and buttons and apply googly eyes with double stick tape.

A great project for the kids! Make several using different color scarves and line them up on a mantle or down the center of a dining table.  Happy Holidays!


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  1. Susan Crabtree says:

    How cute is he!!

  2. Angela Darling says:

    How cute is that?! I love it. Thanks for the idea :)

  3. pk @ Room Remix says:

    Clever and adorable! Love this idea.

  4. yes, so cute!

  5. Save the Date for Cupcakes says:


  6. Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEP of posh parties, LLC says:

    Now that's 'posh in a pinch' and like everyone said "super cute"! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

  7. thepapercupcake says:

    SO adorable!!!

  8. RoseMarie says:

    So easy I love it! Plus, you could make it functional by filling the top bowl with white candies. Thanks for the idea!

    RM, Home Confetti

  9. The Savvy Moms Guide says:

    Adorable and Savvy. Just shared it! Very clever. Smiles~

  10. partytimepartyboxes says:

    Darling and oh so simple!

  11. Way too cute! I must do this! Thanks for sharing.


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