Girls Night In :: Mixed Fruit Smoothie Cocktail

mixed fruit smoothie cocktail

This week for happy hour I’ve created a girls-night-in mixed fruit smoothie cocktail to share. At this point in my life so far removed from college, or single life, I LIVE for my nights in with the girls. No matter how much you love your husband and kids, women need other women. It’s like free therapy! I’ve been lucky enough over the years to live in communities where we’ve had monthly ladies nights at each other’s homes, and I always love hosting {of course}, but when I was asked to create a drink for Girl’s Night In using Trop50 Raspberry Acai juice, I decided to focus on smaller, more intimate gatherings rather than a larger neighborhood event. It just doesn’t get much better than re-connecting with your life-long girl friends, don’t you think?

mixed fruit smoothie cocktail
It’s been a while since I’ve gotten together with my closest, and oldest friends because everyone lives hours away and has hectic lives. But when we do get together you can bet on 2 things being front and center – food and great cocktails. My whole life I’ve equated socializing with food and drink, and I made up a smoothie cocktail that can be whipped up with or without alcohol. The recipe for my mixed fruit smoothie cocktail is below, but first here are some other Girl’s Night In essentials:

  1. We always gather around appetizers and snacks. Chips and salsa is pretty standard, and some of my favorite appetizers to make and serve are bacon & blue cheese dates, ham & cheese pinwheels, and spicy chicken cups.
  2. A signature drink makes the night special. These smoothie cocktails can be mixed up and kept in the freezer until ready to serve. And it’s even somewhat healthy since it’s full of fruit, yogurt, and has less sugar added.
  3. Old photos are a fantastic way to re-live the good old days, and when I get together with friends I’ve known since 7th grade, well, you can imagine there’s a lot to laugh about! My old friend, Teresa, is the archivist. She has boxes of old pictures, letters, and diaries from our childhood – it’s awesome!
  4. It never fails, once the night is underway we turn up our favorite music from the past. Sometimes it’s hip hop, sometimes it’s hair bands, but it always generates lip syncing and funky dance moves.
  5. The most important thing we incorporate into girl’s night is an open heart, lots of conversation, and tons of laughter. There’s nothing quite like sharing a connection with other women you’ve known over a long period of time.

mixed fruit smoothie cocktail Here’s the recipe I created for a mixed fruit smoothie cocktail. You can make it a mocktail by eliminating the coconut rum. That would make it really great for a kids party or pregnant mom-to-be at her baby shower. The color is a pretty pale pink so it makes a beautiful signature drink to serve at girly gatherings.

Mixed Fruit Smoothie Cocktail

  • 1 cup Trop50 Raspberry Acai juice
  • 1/2 cup coconut flavored rum
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen peaches
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 6 oz vanilla yogurt
  • a hand full of Trop50 Raspberry Acai frozen ice cubes

Using a blender, mix together all ingredients until smooth and frothy Pour and serve immediately or keep frozen until ready to serve. Garnish with a skewer of fresh raspberries and sliced banana. Makes about 4 servings. TIP: Pour the Trop50 juice into ice trays the night before, and freeze. Using these in your smoothie instead of regular ice cubes will keep the flavor from being diluted.

Here’s another great tip – when bananas begin to turn brown {that’s when they’re really getting good and sweet} cut them in half, peel them, wrap them in aluminum foil, and freeze. They add great flavor and thickening to any smoothie.

fruit smoothie cocktail

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  1. says

    Oh my! This drink sounds delicious! I love fruity drinks, but not the fakey fruity kind. This is perfect for summer.

  2. says

    This looks absolutely delicious! I can’t remember the last time I had a night in with the ladies but my birthday is coming up soon so I think that’s the perfect reason to plan a get together with delicious drinks!