Chic Gifts For The Entertainer

Being a home entertainer, my favorite gifts to receive at Christmas always seem to revolve around food, drink, and STYLE. I’ll bet if you’re a hostess, or have a loved one who is, then you/she probably loves the same types of things.

I’ve put together a guide of chic gifts for “her” to help with shopping ideas for that hostess in your life {if it’s you then share this list with your husband, sister, mom *wink*}. I own most of the items on the list, and the others are things I’d like to have – maybe I’ll share this list with my husband!

  1. Cake Stand – If you’ve seen any dessert table on the web you’ve probably seen this tall cake pedestal. It’s a stylists best friend! I own this and I LOVE it. It’s tall so it stands out when placed in the back of the table, or makes a great centerpiece. Also, cake stands aren’t just for food. Use it to hold small gift boxes, a low flower arrangement, etc.
  2. Tabletop Wine Opener – I bought this for Christmas several years ago {merry Christmas to me!} and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. If you love wine, then this is a fantastic accessory to have. The tabletop wine opener is sturdy and makes the uncorking EASY and quick. I am truly spoiled by this gadget.
  3. Personalized Lucite Tray – Anything cute, stylish, and PERSONALIZED is a great gift for us ladies. I received this Lucite tray with 3 custom inserts from Rebekah {A Blissful Nest} and it’s fabulous! I love how modern it is, and the fact that I can add an endless number of inserts for all occasions. Of course, a simple monogrammed insert that matches your home decor is first priority and is a beautiful decorative item as well as utilitarian item when entertaining.
  4. Note Pads & Note Cards by Doc Milo – I’m obsessed with the designs of Doc Milo – I always have been. The distinct style is modern, whimsical, and oh-so-chic! When I’m looking at it I feel like I’m entering a dream world. Aside from party invitations and such, Accent the Party has magnetic note pads and note cards for those times you just need to write a reminder, a list, or a quick note to someone.
  5. Gourmet Popcorn Sampler – What is it about Christmas and popcorn that it seems to go hand in hand? You always see those big tubs during the holidays. Food gifts are certainly at the top of my list because I just love to try new things. G.H. Cretors has gourmet popcorn sampler packs that would make a lovely hostess gift or something to send long distance {thank you online shopping}. The flavors are yummy and it’s something to nibble on all through the holidays, or set out for unexpected guests.
  6. Exotic Infused Chocolates – OMG, when I saw these infused chocolates online I couldn’t believe the flavors and varieties they offer. If you’re a chocolate lover but also like to try new and creative things, these exotic chocolates fit the bill. With infusions like honey, chipotle peppers, nutmeg, chai tea, & passion fruit {just to name a few} there’s something for everyone.  The shapes are amazing and artistic too!
  7. Cake Plate Clings – The newest must-have hostess item is cake plate clings by WH Hostess. This idea is so clever and genius! They are reusable and come in so many colors and patterns. Use them on top of that new cake pedestal you receive!
  8. Ooh La La ‘Fizzy’ Wine – The most classic of gifts for the hostess is of course, wine. Have you seen these brightly colored polka dot labels? Ooh La La wines are sold at Kroger stores now, but will hopefully be available in other stores in the new year. It’s wine with a “zing”! – not a sparkling wine. They. Are. Delicious. They also have a unique bottle cap top which makes them a bit of a novelty, plus the labels are just so cute and girly!

Is there something you’d like to add to the list?  Which item would you like to receive?

Have a great day!

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