Gearing Up For Super Bowl

Are you ready for some football? We have Super Bowl Sunday coming up so I was inspired to put together a table representing the two teams, Colts vs. Saints.

  • Simple to create, this design begins with a green sheet for the field and white ribbon for yard lines. The game is held in Miami this year so I used a tropical fabric (I had on hand), as the ‘Miami backdrop.’
  • Marshmallow pops were made using team colors, and displayed “stadium” style on stacked foam blocks wrapped in brown craft paper. Team penants made with toothpicks, felt pieces, and craft glue were inserted into mini cupcakes.
  • A package of cake-topper football players (from the party store) is set on the ‘field’ and the goal posts are inserted into square vases with faux grass. A $1 wooden football (from Dollar Tree) takes the center spot, attached to a wire note clip.
  • Water bottles are wrapped in black and white stripes(referees) and adorned with yellow straws & ribbon(penalty flags).
Finally, white dishes are filled with easy and filling football-friendly food. Add cold beer, soda, or a signature cocktail and you have yourself a party!


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  1. lisalyn says

    The only thing that you could have done better is to use purple instead of that brown. Guess that's not your fault though since those Vikings didn't win! :(

    Fabulous buffet though!!

  2. Kim - The TomKat Studio says

    Fantastic, Chris! I love the two sets of marshmallow pops & cupcakes! I'm making cupcakes for the party we are going to tomorrow, I may just have to use that idea! Thanks!