Garnish That Glass!

It is fun to add something extra to the drinks you serve your guests. It is these little extras that make you stand out as an entertainer! These candy cocktail twists from Party Stockholm come is several different flavors and are designed to sit on the rim of your glass just touching your drink to add a bit of extra flavor.

Here is a lovely idea from The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza. Hang a fortune cookie on the side of a glass of milk(or other drink). It has the perfect shape to sit nicely on the side.

Garnish doesn’t only have to be edible. These Lightcubes from Little Bright Lights are so much fun at a party. They come in several colors and you can have them blink or stay constant.

How about these adorable sail boats! This is actually jello so the peach boats sit nicely on top. Kids would love this idea!

More Ideas:

Cut a small slice into a gumdrop and set it on the side of a fruity cocktail
Freeze a row of cherries, blueberries, or raspberries on a cocktail pick. It looks pretty and keeps your drink chilled.
Slice a star fruit crosswise and sit on the rim.
Hang a candycane on the rim.
Hang a cocktail shrimp on the side of a bloody mary.
Cut a slit into a rollo candy and hang on the side of a chocolate martini.
Hang a sliced apple on the side of an apple martini.
More Ideas? Post them here!

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  1. E says

    I love Garnishes and being an ex-bartender you would think I would use them more in my parties…I will be definitely putting this in my idea bank for my next get-together!