FREE Gift Jar Printables

Need an idea for a gift for your girlfriends or even an idea for a girl’s get-together? No Fuss Fabulous has these free printables for you. You can make the cookie mix yourself to give away, or make an event out of it with your girlfriends, and have all the supplies ready for your friends to make their own.
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  1. Michelle says

    Those are really cute ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us. And so you know, links should be spelled site (like website) not sight. :-)

  2. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Thanks Michelle. It's not that I don't know how to spell (not always anyway ;). Sometime's I'm just typing (and proofing) so fast that I overlook things! : D

  3. Ms. Jasmine says

    I love these cute jars great for that homemade gift this year after all it is a recession. Fabulous and cute and budget friendly.

  4. Sherri Jorgensen says

    I love those jars! And I love your blog! thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas!