"Football" Food

 Continuing our Super Bowl theme, I’ve gathered together some fun food ideas. It’s easy to make these dishes look like a football or football field. Just mold the shape with a knife (or hands), and add ‘football stitching’ with thinly sliced cheese, or chives. Or, in the case of the guacamole football field & cheese ball, just pipe on the ‘yard lines’ with a decorator bag and sour cream, and add cherry tomatoes for the ‘players.’ {football eggs; football sub}

 For dessert, carve out football brownies, or make some Football field cupcakes! Again, all you need is a piping bag with very small tip. You can also use heavy duty plastic storage bags and snip off the corner (tiny snips!) if you don’t have piping bags.
Choosing to do any of these doesn’t take a lot of effort but the end result is so festive!
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  1. princessdeia says

    I love this ideas – I might adapt the theme and create rubgy balls, for a six nations party.