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What do you get when you combine your fashionista style with your love for entertaining? Why, Heavenly Hostess of course! I found this website that sells BEAUTIFUL aprons, oven mitts, kitchen towels, and even headbands! Check these out:

These aprons are so stylish you will not want to take it off when it’s time to sit down and eat. And they will certainly be a conversation piece. You would definately want to wear something simple to highlight these aprons, such as a black sheath dress, of simple black pants and shirt.

 Just look at some of the coordinating pieces from the site. These would make great gift items(bridal shower anyone?) for your favorite Fashionista Hostess!
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Chris Nease is a party stylist and home entertaining expert with over 15 years of experience. In addition to her work as founding editor of Celebrations At Home, Chris is an editorial stylist and has contributed to Homes.com, SheKnows, and countless other websites. Most recently she was featured in Celebrate magazine, and her work has been published in Woman's World, Ocala Style, Yum Food & Fun for Kids, and Cottages & Bungalows.


  1. inkOBSESSIONdesigns says:

    These are so fun!

  2. Dollface says:

    These look super fun!! Congrats on finding a stylish way to cook :) xoxo

  3. How fun!!! I think I just came across the most perfect bridal shower gift for one of my dear friends… who can absolutely pull off one of these aprons! Thanks!

  4. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    Oh, I wish I was that friend! I would love one of these! ; D

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