End Of Summer Picnic

I tell you, this has been “the-summer-that-never-ends” for me. We STILL have a week to go before school starts!! So I’m in the mood for an easy-going backyard picnic to finish the summer off stress-free. The traditional Labor Day colors of red, white, and blue work perfectly for this casual picnic party with bandanas, checks, dots and stripes.

Display drinks in cool recylcled glass bottles set inside a wooden crate(you can get from Michael’s). Then just use a clothespin to attach swatches of fabric. You could even use a marker and write the type of drink that is available, on the strip of fabric.
Wrap paper napkins and serverware in more strips of fabric or scrapbook paper to match the color scheme.
Don’t be a slave to the grill. There are several options to serve yummy sandwiches. 1)Make up a few large sandwiches with ciabatta, focaccia, or Italian loaves. Then cut them into single serving sizes. Have guests bring side dishes. 2)Set up a sandwich-making station for everyone to make their own. 3)Have everyone bring their own sandwich while you provide the side dishes.
Style your tables with simple and classic daisies. Use pretty colored vases to set them in, or make a clever statement with layers of colored sand.
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  1. Susan Crabtree says:

    can't believe you have a week till school starts!

  2. Shelley@divinepartyconcepts says:

    Enjoy your last week! We just started our second week :)

  3. No school yet? Enjoy your last week before it starts! These are such great ideas to have a End of Summer Picnic. Simple yet beautiful.

  4. birthday girl says:

    cute cute cute! i'm such a fan of the picnic- good tips.

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