Embroidery Hoop Decor – Tutorial

Hello, my favorite readers!  I am off to San Diego today to meet up with lots of web friends and attend the HWTM launch party.  I’m so giddy with excitement!  Luckily, Christine of Pure Joy Events has stepped in to share a fantastic tutorial with you today.  This is from her recent party featured on Amy Atlas, and is unbelievably cute.  Enjoy!

For my daughter’s Vintage Sewing Party, the focal point of the dessert table backdrop was created by stretching fabric, hand-stitched with the words “Sew Seven”, over a wooden embroidery hoop.

To make a DIY embroidered hoop, you will need the following materials, which can be found at your local fabric or craft retailer:
wooden embroidery hoop (I used a 14″ hoop)
cross stitch fabric that is slightly larger than the hoop (mine was 15″ x 18″)
embroidery needle and thread
sewing pins
wrapping tissue paper
colored pencil

Begin by printing out the letter(s) from your computer. I printed out “Sew Seven” using a 300 point size Commercial Script font, but a single initial or monogram would look pretty as well. Place the tissue paper on top and trace with a colored pencil that matches the color of the thread.

Stretch the cross stitch fabric over the hoop, then pin the tissue paper to the fabric.

Stitch each letter by hand with embroidery thread. When done, remove the pins and carefully pull away the tissue paper. Turn the hoop over to the back and trim the excess fabric. Sew simple, right?

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