Ellie’s Black Belt Party

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working on a little girl’s Karate party. Ellie is 9 and just completed her test and recieved her black belt!

Becouse of opposite schedules that day, I had to set up what I could in the morning, and our dear hostess had a few tasks to complete during the day before the party at 5:00…like still make the cupcakes! LOL, and get food from the caterer. Below is an assortment of some of the decorations I did.

One of the objectives for this party was to incorporate the colors of belts leading up to the black belt. That’s where the colored ribbon, cupcake toppers, shredded paper filler, and m&m’s(in favor cones) came in. I have to say those favor cones were so cute. They looked just like the little karate uniforms with black belts! You may recognize the idea from this post a couple weeks ago.

Another element we incorporated was the representation of the board that Ellie had to break during her test. The hostess had a LOT of broken boards that had been used for practice, so we used those as risers to hold a larger board, and set food onto. I also made little food label signs out of small wood craft pieces.
One of my favorite elements for this party was the large picture of the guest of honor. This is a custom photo tile display done by Fotomural . I would encourage anyone to use their service as this is such an attention-getter, and Dianne was amazing to work with!
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  1. Brenda says

    What a neat party theme! Implementing the different colors of belts was so clever! The large picture is my favorite!

  2. Dollface says

    Hmmmmm this is a cute idea for Karate…. any thoughts for a doggy birthday?? xxooo

  3. Valerie says

    I love your ideas on your blog. I’ve gone to Fotomural’s site before, but wasn’t sure of the quality. It’s great to get a first hand testimonial. Thanks! I’ll go check them out again.

  4. [email protected] says

    What a creative theme, and I love the ribbon belts! Super cute! I’ll be linking to this.

  5. Teesha says

    You did a great job on the Black Belt party! Incorporating the belt colors throughout is very creative! Awesome Job!

  6. Donna @ Party Wishes says

    What a fabulous idea! I love all of the elements of Karate that you used; belt colors and wood blocks. So creative!

    I’m sure she was just thrilled!

  7. AJ says

    As a fellow martial artist I was very disappointed to see this. I must say that the party and everything had great imagination and wonderful planning skills, HOWEVER! becoming a black belt should not include a party afterwards of this size. Humility and Humbleness are part of what being a black belt means. IT is not something to brag or carry on about. ESPECIALLY for a nine year old.
    Some jerk will end up coming up and saying ” You dont look so tough” and it will end up in some fight. If people dont know, then the safer the person will be. Only tell people you know…… and DO NOT broadcast it…… particularly over the internet.
    If the girl cannot handle not being given a party for something that symbolizes maturity and humility, she is obviously not ready for such a responsibility.
    Please consider this as she grows throughout her martial arts career.