Easy Christmas Craft For Kids

For Christmas Eve we will be hosting a casual get-together with different friends who for whatever reasons don’t have plans with relatives on this night. So for the kids, I thought this easy little project would be nice for them to make and take! I love this idea of candy Christmas trees! I will, however, be using white icing….just to be on the safe side…

All it takes is a sugar ice cream cone, some canned frosting, and an array of candies. Same idea as gingerbread houses but with less hassle. My kind of craft! : )

Have A Very Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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  1. Tati Alberti says

    I'm your fan. I love your posts and I can not go a day without going through here. Merry Christmas, God bless you. There are many Brazilians who have it as inspiration. Kisses and Happy 2010