Easy Centerpiece

I’m busy with the final details of a party I’m working on for tomorrow, but I wanted to post something simple and sweet. How’s this for an easy DIY centerpiece? Just vases, candles, and some stretchy beaded bracelets and you have a cute and modern display! from BHG

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  1. amy * stem * says

    Could you finish the party you are working on so I can seeeeeeeeeee it? I’m dying over here, mama.

  2. Hana @ celebrations.com says

    love this candle centerpiece..
    I was thinkin of making my mom brunch or somethign for Mother’s Day… and she LOVES candles so this easy decoration is gonna come in handy soon!Where can you find vases shaped like this?

  3. Donna @ Party Wishes says

    So cute! What is the party you are working on? How soon can we see the pictures?