Inspired By This – Easter Table


It’s time to start thinking about Easter again! Although, by the looks of Pinterest it was time for that 2 months ago – yes, I saw Easter Pins before Christmas. I found this pretty tablescape on Pinterest this week but I don’t think it’s available any longer as it was from the shopping site John Lewis, from 2011. Even still, you can gather plenty of inspiration from it, with it’s cupcakes on each plate, Easter eggs tied around cutlery, and a centerpiece cluster complete with bird house, decorated display tree, and cake topped with mini bunting. Very simple elements make up a pretty table!

For more ideas for your Easter planning, re-visit my Easter Brunch from last year or Family Egg Hunt from the year before.


Just an update on the new home search – We found a house that we love {it was actually the first model home I went into back in early December} in a new neighborhood on the side of Richmond that is growing {Moseley}. It has to be built, AND we have to negotiate {the worst part} price with all the upgrades we want. My daughter is broken hearted that we are planning to move away from her school and friends….which is breaking my heart. It WILL all work out in the end, right??

Oh, and since I’m in “nesting” mode I’ll be attending a sponsored workshop tomorrow morning, related to home decor. I’ll share my experience on the blog in a couple of weeks. Until then, please wish us luck on the negotiation process!

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