There are so many ideas for Easter in blog land now I thought I’d share just a few special offers with you.  Visit these sites for more information.
Amanda of Shindig Parties To Go has created a FREE Easter printable set for Operation Shower.  You’ve seen me talk about Operation Shower many times, and they are doing great things for military families.  The printable set is free but donations are greatly appreciated.
Bird from Bird’s Party is offering a FREE pattern template and tutorial on these super cute plush fabric birdies.  These have so many possibilities – Easter, baby showers, baby gifts, etc.  Find out how to make your own at Bird’s Party.  
Just thought you’d like to know!

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  1. Amanda at Shindig says

    Thanks, Chris. I hope everyone will visit my blog to find out more about and donate to Operation Shower. What a wonderful service they provide throwing baby showers for military moms!