Easter Inspirations

Okay you guys, I dare you to look at these beautiful tabletops from Southern Living and not be inspired!! I literally want to do them ALL!! How perfect is this table for a fun family get-together which includes lots of kids?! It certainly sets the stage for an Easter egg hunt to follow.

How about this charming and whimsical butterfly table? Perfectly placed butterfly details really make a statement here.
This is absolutely a favorite of mine! A few bags of moss glued to an inexpensive runner makes an Amazing focal point.
For more pics and some “how-to’s” check out the Southern Living site.
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  1. I love all of these!!! Great inspiration!

  2. We used three of those sweet little pastel buckets for a children's table last year at a backyard cookout.

    One held goldfish, one, M&M's and one sported several of those fancy-topped floofy pens to go with all the crafts and games and art stuff scattered on the table.

    I hope they went into the "HOLIDAY" closet, so I can do this pretty scene for Easter.

  3. Dollface says:

    These are amazing, and make me think that warmer weather is on the way! Are those cheerios in one of the planters? xoxo

  4. Kendall @designbykendall says:

    Butterflies on wine glasses = adorable! Thanks for posting BHG stuff…I dont get that mag, though maybe I should!

    Also, they have some great easter colored tins like the ones in the first pic in the dollar section at Target right now!

  5. Too much time on my hands says:

    Love this ideas thanks.

  6. feelincrafty says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the mossy wood table one. O linked back to this post on my blog today.

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