Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt – Dessert & Kids Table

Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year because it ushers in Spring and provides a great opportunity for entertaining.  It’s also very family-friendly providing the ubiquitous egg hunt and mounds of treats afterward.  Here are some simple ideas you can use to host your own Easter Family Brunch & Egg hunt {make sure you visit part 2 with our adult table design, also!}.

I had some amazing vendors help with my design.  Heather at Chickabug customized her Easter set for me by adding a rainbow of colors to her blue Easter set, while Jimemmajack provided their dazzling Easter Cookies & Cuppies

  • My designs are always influenced by props & home decor items, which I love because it allows special signage or designer treats to stand out and be the star. 
  • I filled in the dessert table with cotton candy in an apothecary jar, and jelly beans, and m&m’s displayed in an egg dish – something you can easily do yourself.
  • Most of the pieces I used in designing this brunch were things I had on hand, with just a couple of additional items found at JoAnn’s Fabric store (egg dish, & green hat box set), and Michael’s (bird cage). 
  • You can see the gorgeous decorated cookies from Jimemmajack displayed on a 2-tiered stand.  The details on them are stunning, and they taste as good as they look!  Just as cute (and one of my favorite things) are the “cuppies” they make to sit on the side of your glass or cup!  So adorable!
  • This kids table is festive and designed to appeal to the young.  With a DIY  centerpiece made from a fence planter box, faux grass patches, and Peeps on a skewer, it combines form with function.  Including a “bunny trail” sign adds to the whimsy of the piece.
  • Each little guest’s chair is adorned with a green ribbon and clip-on flower.  You can do this in about 60 seconds!
  • Place settings are topped with edible grass nests, with chocolate malted eggs.  You can use the very small clear plastic plates from the Dollar Tree to hold the nest neatly as you move it about. 
  • Name cards and circle tags from Chickabug’s Easter collection mark the spot for each little person, and help identify his/her bottle of lemonade.
  • You can also use them to top off the Jimemmajack cookie favors, and to personalize each Easter basket for the egg hunt.
  • If you have older kids who don’t want to participate in an “Easter Egg Hunt” is to try an Easter “Treasure Hunt” instead, and write down clues for them to look for instead of simply looking for eggs.  There could be treats to find at each clue, or one special prize at the end.  Either way this activity may appeal to their maturity level a bit more.
You can see  Part 2 of this Family Brunch featuring the adult table!

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    Chris, this brunch was absolutely inspiring. About 2 weeks ago I read and saw the FABULOUS pictures and I felt like celebrating Easter immediately! I then decided to make a “cookies and milk” (and some few food as well) for my kid and some of our neighbours this next weekend. I am sure it your post was inspiring to everyone who read it, even the ones who have not left a comment. Thank you again for sharing your work with your followers. XOXO. Beatriz