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gift basket ideas
When I was a little girl, on Easter morning my sister and I would wake up to find our Easter baskets full of treats, sitting on the floor right beside our beds. The Easter bunny had come and left them there! We couldn’t dig in right away because we had to get dressed in our pretty new Easter dresses and head off to Church. When I got a little older – late elementary/middle school, I’m not sure what happened to that bunny but when we got home from church, my step-mom would provide each of us kids with a new basket, and filled the center of the kitchen table with goodies so we could each create our own basket. Every family does things a little differently, but I’m quite fond of those memories and how the tradition progressed as we got older.

Whether your making your own baskets or the bunny brings them, I’ve got some ideas for you with the help of World Market – one of my favorite places to shop, by the way.  I was given the chance to partner with them to create some awesome Easter baskets using items from their store – everything in these baskets came from World Market except the fabric bags, and striped cookie bags.  I was able to put together 3 baskets – 1 ‘mom & dad’ basket, and 2 kids baskets, and here’s what I did…

gift basket ideas gift basket ideas

Grown Up Gift Basket:

  • Just like we hang and fill Christmas stockings for the whole family, I like the idea of filling Easter baskets for the whole family, and mom and dad can share this gourmet gift basket filled with some of my favorite things. First I had to find the perfect basket, which I wanted to be versatile so we could use it for storage later. I found this white one in the ‘bath’ section of the store – there was also brown, red & blue to choose from, but the white was just what I needed.
  • Whenever I shop World Market, I always hit the “mini gourmet” aisle. It’s got everything you need to fill a gift basket, from mini champagne and wine bottles, to flavored nuts, spreads, meats and cheeses. I wrapped the mini champagnes in diy fabric bags and set them in the 4 corners of the basket.
  • One of my favorite cookies in the world are chocolate lace cookies, so I bought a small container of those to include. To dress up the presentation I just placed them in a striped bag that I already had.
  • For the parents basket I didn’t want to go all out “Easter” themed but did want to include some type of Easter candy. I found a container of 4 mousse filled chocolate eggs and divided them up for the 4 members of the family. To make it even cuter, I popped each one into these pretty glass egg cups. I love these and I think they would make adorable salt cellars too!

gift basket ideas gift basket ideas gift basket ideas gift basket ideas

  • I wanted to have something in the basket that would last long after the food was consumed, and I found this tin oil can with a cool retro-modern style. We use a lot of EVOO around here, so a good bottle of that with the oil can and this basket was set. I tucked in a little bit of excelsior I had on hand to fill in some areas, and used a napkin from the ‘Entertaining’ section as a foundation for everything.
  • This basket can be enjoyed by mom & dad, or given as a gift ANY time of year {without the Easter eggs of course}.

Kids Easter Basket:

  • For the kid’s baskets I stuck with a more traditional basket. World Market has these for $5 with the ‘grass’ filling & a name tag included. There were other colors available but I like the natural look for us.
  • I dressed up these baskets by adding containers within the basket to hold special treats. I think it adds ‘something extra’ while also providing something they can use later. In this case I found these melamine berry baskets and filled them with chocolate caramel popcorn with chocolate eggs included.

Easter basket ideas Easter basket ideas Easter basket ideas Easter basket ideas

  • I shopped the Easter candy section at World Market to finish filling up the basket. It included the mousse filled eggs in egg cups like the adult basket, chocolate carrots, a chocolate bunny of course, and a tube of pastel candy. More chocolate mini eggs & bunnies filled these adorable rustic nest baskets that were too cute not to use.
  • And since I TRY to have balance in life, I wanted to include a toy/game of some kind in each basket. I headed to the toy/game section and picked out a pyramid puzzle for my son {who loves to build things} and a retro style Skitt Ball game for my daughter {who’s very competitive}.
  • After adding a ribbon bow to each basket they are ready to go. Easy, simple, and cute!

I was thrilled to work on this project with World Market since it’s one of my favorite destination stores – I have to drive 40 miles to get to it on the other side of Richmond but TOTALLY worth it. Follow World Market on Pinterest & Google+.


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This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and World Market, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #WorldMarket.

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  1. says

    What a great idea, I love how they are not just chocolate. These Easter baskets look better and would be much cheaper than anything that you would buy in the shop. They are also far more personal. I have never given Easter baskets before, but after seeing this, I think I should start!