Dressing Up Your Drinks


What is the one thing everyone has in their hand at any given party?  A drink of course!  Whether serving iced tea, juice, wine, or a cocktail, these are some great ideas for dressing up your glass.
  • Stylish Stemware – wrap your glasses in a unique way using colored rubber bands, or thin ribbon.  You can write guests names on the wide rubber bands for a fun drink marker.  Thin colorful ribbons can be tied around the glass to add a pretty and festive look.
  • Stir it up – Pretty drink stirrers are all the rage and you can make an organic version using wooden skewers and a wheel of fruit.  Try lemons, limes, star fruit, oranges, or kiwi.
  • Keep the bugs at bay – No need to worry about finding a fly floating in your summer sipper when you top it with an easy to make glass cover.  Cut squares of translucent fabric or tulle and thread the corners into craft beads.  The volumn of the fabric you’ve pulled through will help keep the bead on.  Make things even more convenient by cutting a tiny slit in the fabric, to insert a straw.
  • Wrap it up – You’ve been wrapping water bottles for years now.  This idea carries it a step further by wrapping glasses with a wide strip of fabric or paper, with a label to write names.
  • “Fan”tastic addition – Paper fans, rosettes, and pinwheels are another great trend that finds it’s way into your glass.  Craft your own stir stick with wooden skewers and coordinating paper.
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  1. Courtney says:

    Love the ribbon! Love the stirrers.. oh wait, love them alll!

  2. Very cute ideas, thanks for sharing!


  3. Christi Bennett @ pisforparty says:

    You always show such great collections of ideas! I have made the blue drink from Sandra Lee before. It was refreshing and light!

  4. Chesapeake Chic says:

    Love it! I'm so excited to serve cocktails again this summer (now that baby #2 has arrived!)… these are great festive drink ideas!


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