DIY Yarn Pom Garland

Is this the most fabulous yarn garland or what?!  Found on Sew 4 Home, I had to share this today because I think this would be a fantastic whimsical touch to any child’s party or baby shower.  Just choose your color scheme and have fun with it!
  1. Begin by gathering your yarn colors and making yarn poms using this tutorial on Project Wedding, or this handy tool.  Leave a 4″ tail to tie on to the garland.
  2. Next make your garland base by braiding several strands of yarn together using 3-4 yarn pieces per strand.
  3. Using a yarn needle with a large eye, thread one tail of a pom through the braided garland strip. Adjust as needed to get your hanging length correct, then loop back through the braid two to three times and knot to secure the tail. Trim off the excess yarn from the tail and repeat this step with the other tail.
  4. Create a “V” pattern with the 2 tails and be careful to hang them evenly so the pom hangs straight. 
There, you’ve just created the cutest yarn pom garland ever!  For more tips you can visit Sew 4 Home.

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  1. This garland is really great for a kids party. Lord, I wish I had the patience to sit down and make it! My mom would love to make this…. hummm…maybe if I hint around to it she will agree!

  2. Kristy {the purple pug} says:

    I am a yarn freak. This is adorable.

  3. Lissa (Bellenza) says:

    Festive, charming, and fun all rolled into one!

  4. Save the Date for Cupcakes says:

    Would love these for a fiesta!

  5. oh these poms are sooo cute…i saw a tool for making these in Jo-Ann's love the strung together as a garland!

  6. Raejean says:

    My daughter wants one to decorate her birthday party. I shared your link on my Friday Favorites.

  7. This is adorable! love the colors!

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