DIY Pom Pinata

I’m so excited and thankful to Kori of Paper & Pigtails for sharing her Pom Pinata tutorial with us today! Kori created a beautiful Pink Flower Party for her daughter’s birthday and made the most amazing pinata I’ve ever seen. For one thing the ideas is genius, and for another it looks way cuter than any of those commercial pinatas you buy at the store. Read on for all the steps and tips as written by Kori…

To prepare, blow up your balloon and set it on an old bowl to keep it from moving around. Mix your bottle of Elmer’s glue with water until it’s a creamy but still thin consistency. Final, tear your paper (or newspaper) into strips and begin to soak them in the glue mixture.

** begin layering the paper in strips around the balloon until the entire balloon is covered twice…any more and they will begin to slide off due to the weight

** Let the strips dry fully…living in Florida, I discovered I would have to do this inside because of the humidity here. It took about 7 to 8 hours, so I let it have a full day to dry before doing the next layer to be safe.

** The next day, layer another layer of paper or newspaper on the entire balloon. I also did a layer of tissue paper in yellow…partly because I was considering leaving the bottom uncovered like a flower’s center, but decided against it.

** Allow the whole thing to dry fully, you should be able to tell by tapping the ball if it’s secure enough to hold it’s shape and candy or goodies.

** Cut or “pop” your balloon! The balloon continued to shrivel and pull away from the paper mache ball until I was able to reach in and gently take it all out.

** I was concerned that the “top of my ball wasn’t as secure as the bottom, so to make sure the whole ball didn’t fall when hit, I used twine tied at the bottom and coming up and around the ball on six sizes, then tied again at the top…forming a net of sorts to support the ball, while still leaving openings for it to be broken.

** I turned the ball with the open side down and began attaching poms with spray mount from the very bottom and working up the sides. Once the big poms were how I wanted, I got out the glue gun to reinforce them all, then added mini white poms in the areas you could still see the paper mache. I hung it from a chair while working on it and before the party so it would keep it’s shape!

I filled ours with stickers, pencils, and flowers! After the pinata was bust open, we asked for kids with specific colored flowers to come forward and they received another small party favor.


Thanks again Kori for this awesome idea! And if you haven’t seen the entire party yet, here’s a sneak peek below – you can see all the gorgeous details on her post here.

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