DIY Photo Booth

This is the most fantastic photo booth from Ruffled blog. Even if you’re not a ‘handy man/woman’ you can put this together with a few materials for about $80.  Basically it involves plywood, wallpaper (or paint if you like), and a frame.  And once you have it built, you could change out the paper or repaint it for any event.
GREAT idea for graduations, birthdays, engagements, weddings…how about for a Family Reunion!  Read the post for a step-by-step tutorial.
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  1. Simply Creative Insanity says

    I saw this the other day! I love it! I might have to try this one out for our next soriee! Thanks for sharing!

  2. posh parties LLC says

    Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for good pics to convey the DIY photo booth idea to my client – this is perfect.

  3. Silly Bee's Chickadees says

    This is brilliant! I love it. Once, I used an empty frame for photo ops and people just held it in front of them. This is so cute!

  4. Jordan - Polkadot Prints says

    This is sensational! A new angle on the whole concept. Love it!

  5. Sara says

    FANTASTIC! This looks great and I love how you can change the look for all types of events!!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. amy * stem * says

    Love this. I see this in my future. Perfect for those days when you're having a good hair day but not a good hip day just ate your 3rd piece of cake at the party.