DIY Ice Bottle Cooler

Don't you love this diy ice bottle cooler! It's a great way to keep vodka or wine chilled during a party. Find out how to make it here.

This DIY ice bottle cooler as seen on my holiday bar design is a stylish way to present vodka or white wine while keeping it cold at the same time. It’s a simple project but you need to give yourself a couple of days to freeze the layers. 

This works well for vodka because it can go in the freezer without turning solid, and is best served very cold anyway. You can also make an ice bowl perfect for serving shrimp cocktail, a salad {line the bowl with lettuce leaves} or ice cream.

Don't you love this diy ice bottle cooler! It's a great way to keep vodka or wine chilled during a party. Find out how to make it here.

DIY Ice Bottle Cooler

What you’ll need:
  •  A 3-liter empty soda container that you will cut the top off of
  • distilled water for more clarity in your end result 
  • fruit such as lemons, limes, star fruit, or cranberries
  • duct tape – only in case your bottle floats up in the water 
Place the bottle of vodka inside the 3-liter container and fill with an inch or two of the distilled water – freeze until solid.
When the base is frozen you can begin adding slice fruit or berries around the bottle and fill with more water to just cover the fruit layer – freeze until solid.
Once the first fruit layer is frozen you can add your next layer in the same manner, filling with distilled water enough to cover the fruit.  This layer should take you to the top of the vodka bottle – freeze until solid.
Once the cooler is frozen, take it out of the freezer so it can thaw slightly – enough to work the 3-liter container off of the ice (about 30 minutes).  You may still need to dip in luke warm water to help ease it off.  Once you have the ice cooler out of the container store it in the freezer until ready to set on your bar.
Make an ice bottle cooler.
Important Tips:
  • When setting the ice cooler out on your bar, set it in a shallow dish or tray that’s lined with a small towel. This will prevent the icy base from slipping around on the dish, as well as help contain the melting ice.
  • Under normal home temperatures this should last a few hours. 
  • If you would like to use the ice cooler for white wine or other cold drink, just insert a clean empty bottle (wine bottle or other decorative bottle) into the 3-liter container and follow the same steps.  You can add your beverage to the empty bottle inside (using a funnel) after the cooler is frozen.  

Don't you love this diy ice bottle cooler! It's a great way to keep vodka or wine chilled during a party. Find out how to make it here.


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  1. Isabella Costallat says

    I just love it! My uncle brought me a Orange Absolut and for sure I´m going to to it in the New Year!!!!!!

  2. Maja says

    What a good idea! I am going to share with my friends!Here in Brasil our weather is too hot. This is gonna be something fabulous to keep our drinks beautiful and cold!

  3. Party Box Design says

    this is really such a great idea! amazing because anyone can do it, and its so inexpensive but looks so stylish!

    love love love!

  4. Genevieve Le Bel says

    DUDE!!! I've tried this 100 time and my fruit always floated to the top! Never thought to freeze and add, freeze and add!!!! GENIUS! This is me bowing down to your awesomeness! 😉

  5. little treasures says

    What a fabulous idea…although I might have to wait a few months to try it…it's Summer here in Australia and the ice would melt within minutes of hitting our hot Summer air. It's definitely on my Winter To-Do list!! Thanks so much for sharing xx

  6. Shanna Brown says

    Is it easy to serve the drink with this cooler on it ? It looks frozen around the Vodka bottle.

    • Chris says

      Shanna, the ice is actually frozen onto the bottle so when you serve/pour, you are lifting the entire thing. Very easy – just remember to leave enough room around the bottle neck to pick it up. This also makes it important to use the towel underneath so it doesn’t slip & slide as you place it back down.

  7. Annie says

    I make clear ice cubes w/ edible flowers using boiling hot water poured into ice cube trays (and they come out crystal clear). So I’m going to try this by applying the same principle and see if it comes out less cloudy! Can’t wait to try it!

  8. Chrissy says

    I saw something else on pinterest that showed if you boil the water before you freeze it, it will freeze clear. :)

    • Chris says

      I’ve heard that too but not tried it yet. If you use distilled water (which I did) it’s SUPPOSED to freeze clera also. As you can see it’s not really…. 😉