DIY Floral Arrangement

I don’t care what anyone says, Carnations are Fabulous! Why would anyone want to downplay it’s full fluffy head, and lacey edges?…..Just because it’s Economical???!! I say ‘don’t hate, appreciate!’ And create one or more of these adorable little arrangements for the Christmas Season. There is a great tutorial on Bliss Tree to get you started. These would look stunning in mass for a red and white party. Check it out.

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  1. Amy Nixon says

    Love it! I'm working on a candy cane dessert buffet for Christmas Eve, and this will definitely have to be added to the table! :)

  2. Heavenly Blooms says

    I love this idea and people should really give them a second chance. It's not their fault florists traumatized people with the baby's breath and leather fern : )

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