DIY: Chalkboard Painted Wooden Utensils

A couple of weeks ago I was looking around my Pinterest feed and noticed I kept seeing 2 of the same things over and over: those cute painted wooden utensils, and chalkboard painted ‘everything’. It suddenly hit me – why not combine these two trends and make chalkboard painted wooden utensils!

  • It’s a simple DIY project that you can do in no time at all.
  • The painted handles can double as ‘place cards’ when you write names on them, and they look adorable served alongside a boxed lunch.
  • Another good idea is to place the utensil inside a dish of food and use it as a food marker.


  • Wooden forks, knives, and/or spoons
  • Painters tape
  • chalkboard paint in a can
  • sponge paint brush
  • chalk

Wrap the end of the handle with tape so you have a straight line of demarcation.

Paint 2 to 3 coats of chalkboard paint on the handle, according to container directions.

Let dry for 24 hours.

There you have another great use for chalkboard paint, and another creative party detail.

Have a great day!

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  1. I only makes sense to combine the two trends! Love them, would be great for kids!

  2. Such a clever idea to combine both of these popular trends, love it!

  3. Love the idea of sticking them in a dish as a food marker!

  4. such a cute idea-love it for a sundae or cupcake bar to mark what the toppings are! :)

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