DIY: Chalkboard Painted Glasses

When it comes to DIY’s, I usually like to take an idea that’s either being sold in a store, or been done in another way, and assume I can do it my self for less money. Such is the case with these chalkboard painted stemmed glasses. I stumbled across a shop that sells chalkboard painted items like these glasses, and knew I could do it in an afternoon for less money. The glasses are available at Dollar Tree {you can’t beat $1 each!} and you probably don’t want to do this with expensive glassware so it’s the perfect option.

What’s great about this project is that they are obviously customizable for each gathering, they can double as place cards, you can use any stemmed glass {flutes, wines, water goblets}, and you can make a set of these to give as a gift for someone! Check out the instructions below…



  • stemmed glasses {wine, water goblet, champagne flute}
  • newspaper
  • painters or masking tape
  • Chalkboard spray paint

Wrap the body of the glass with the newspaper to protect it from the paint. Use the tape to create a smooth edge where the painted base will end.

Spray paint your glasses outside and let dry; spray another coat and let dry over night.

{all photos by Celebrations At Home}



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      • amy says

        Well, yes I assumed that… sorry I should have elaborated. We just tried to paint wine glass bottoms with brush paint, chalkboard paint and the paint didnt hold up even with a hand wash. We’ll try the spray paint next! Thanks!

        • Chris says

          I’ve never worked with the brush on chalkboard paint, but I’ve washed these by hand and they are still good so I think the spray on is much better to use.