Did You Say Jello?!

I swear some of the best blog posts come to you when you’re not even looking!! I was looking for some other random information and stumbled onto this interesting idea from Rachel Ray via recipezaar. This beautiful centerpiece was created using Jello!! That’s right…Jello! Check out the how-to here. The great thing is you can use any flavor…I mean color.


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  1. Wow! What a great find. I agree I always find good things when I’m looking for something else.

  2. Not just a Mommy! says:

    Jeez! I never would have thought about Jello as a decorative item! I’m running over there now. I’m going to have to share this!

  3. Setting the Mood says:

    Hello Jello! What a great fun idea!

  4. abigail @ Piece of Cake says:

    I can not believe this?!?! how cool… thanks for finding it.

  5. GirlyFruFru says:

    Oh Oh I saw this little pretty somewhere and I saved it too.. Love it Love it !!!

  6. Michelle@Everyday Celebrating says:

    WOW! That is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile!!!!!

    Thanks for the Blog LUV award! I’m putting together a post right now.

  7. Doris Pacheco says:

    wow..this is amazing…and simple!

    thaks for stopping by my blog…I’m new at this…
    will come often to your blog…

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