Decorated Easter Eggs – 7 Creative Ideas

PRETTY easter eggs

Easter eggs have come a long way, baby.  In this DIY, “Martha Stewart” world, simple died eggs just don’t seem to cut it anymore.  If you like going the extra mile for your Easter egg decor, try some of these ideas I found on one of my favorite “secret” sites, Wohnidee.

From top:

  • Use the sponge painting technique to add color and texture to your eggs.
  • Nestle eggs into a yarn “nest” for a modern twist.
  • Ribbon and wax seals add elegance to plain eggs.
  • Monogram bands look great wrapped around painted eggs with a pearlized sheen.
  • Lace trim finds its way into Easter decor and never looked better.
  • Color blocked and striped eggs look sleek and modern.
  • Get whimsical with stamps and stick them onto eggs, or use a paint brush or paint pins to create more deliberate designs.

Which one is your favorite?  Will you try some new techniques for YOUR eggs this year?

Have a great day!

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