Crafty Flowers

One of my favorite ‘crafty’ design elements is faux flowers.  There are so many different ways to use them in your entertaining decor.  Add a few faux flowers into a bouquet of real flowers, create a centerpiece entirely of hand crafted flowers, create napkin rings, table runners, hanging decor…the possibilities are endless!  And depending on the materials you use, they can have a whimsical, sophisticated, or vintage feel.
Some great materials to use are felt, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, hand-made paper, newspaper print, even an old phone book (as seen above).  Check out these great sources and tutorials for more on creating your own faux flowers:
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  1. Save the Date for Cupcakes says

    Love them! I'm thinking about using them for my girls' next party, I just don't know if I'm up to making them! I'll have to go check out your links now;o)