Crafty Details + Paper Flowers

We all know it’s the details that make a celebration visually pleasing, and if you are the crafty type who likes to DIY your decor, then you are going to love the ideas and details seen here. Photographed by Kim Le Photography, this wedding is full of lace-trimmed frames, button embellishments, decorated hat boxes, and paper flowers galore. These ideas can all be re-created for birthdays & showers, and I think most are pretty easy to follow (Google paper flowers for tutorials).

I love how romantic and homey these hand-made details are for any occasion (not just for weddings).  If you’d like to use these ideas for a birthday for example, you could re-create the bridal bouquet as a tabletop arrangement in a vintage vase or jar, and use the fabric wrapped circle as a frame for photos.  Hope you’re inspired to give it a try!

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