Cookies & Milk Party

Everyone loves cookies and milk, and here is another delicious take on the concept.  This birthday party on Hip Hooray uses chocolate chips as the inspiration and carries it through in the way of circles and dots in various shades of brown.  Several cookie flavors, cookie pops, and a “cookies-n-cream” cake all grace the table, as well as cookie “straws” served in mini milk bottles.
I also love the display of favors:  brown tins filled with sweet treats for the kids, and tiny glass cookie jars for the adults.  Mmmmm, are you hungry yet?


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  1. Jaime says

    SUPER cute! I now have a craving for chocolate chip cookies… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Natasha @ Fête Fanatic says

    OMG! For some reason today I was craving cookies instead of BBQ. Then I opened your blog..thanks for the cookies eyecandy! Cute!

  3. Beth says

    Very adorable theme — and the colors are so perfect! Also, love the use of the old style milk bottles too!

  4. Chesapeake Chic says

    Such a classic color scheme– I love the brown and white polka dots– and who can resist cookies!!

    P.S. — Finally got my own personal blog up, though just an intro post! Check it out if you get a chance :-) — Jess (formally of The Finer Things)