Colorful Halloween Party For The Whole Family

Another fun Halloween party from the folks at BHG.  This one if full of bright colors and would be a fantastic backdrop to a Saturday afternoon pumpkin carving party.  Love the green and orange color scheme and the simple hanging banner!
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  1. Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog says

    beautiful dining arrangement and a beautiful kitchen, the feel and look of kitchen is so rustic but so good, i was very umpressed by the wood work and the space, the cabinets look beautiful

  2. Annie's Online Store says

    lovely party decor, i love each and everything you have done and the way you have set the table without cluttering it, it looks perfect for a perfect family dinner party – the party items are all very good and there are some great new decorative items specially for dinner parties

  3. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Thanks 'Annie's Online Store', however this is not my work. It's from Better Homes & Gardens ( and is great inspiration for us all! : )