Christmas Tablescape – Decorating With Ornaments

Several weeks ago I was invited to participate in a “mystery box” design challenge for Pottery Barn. The premise was that they would send a box of ornaments {I didn’t know which ones} and I would use the ornaments to decorate for entertaining. The one key point is that they NOT be hung on a tree. You can imagine my enthusiasm – Pottery Barn – styling – and new ornaments to add to my collection – what’s not to love?!

My table is featured on their blog, and here are even more photos of my Christmas Tablescape, with a description below…

‘Tis the season to pull out the sparkles, glitter, and shine! Decorating for the holidays is a thrill every year as I decide what to keep from last year and what to add new this year to make it fresh and different. One of the easiest ways to add a new look to your decor is through ornaments. Change out the green ones from last year {but keep the red}, and add white ones and you have a brand new look!

Ornaments are also one of the best ways to add sparkle to another room, such as the dining room. I love to decorate with ornaments because they’re so convenient to work with as you can display them in jars, trays, bowls, or vases. I chose to use a 2-tiered wire basket to display a collection of jewel-toned ornaments from Pottery Barn, that are the centerpiece of the table.

The different colors and shapes draw you in to see what else is inside, while the top tier of the basket is the perfect place to house a flower arrangement.

The rest of the table is set with silver and gold allowing the colorful ornaments to stand out. Place settings are layers of chargers, silver-rimmed china, paper doilies, and classic champagne glasses filled with rock sugar and another ornament nestled on top. The ornaments at each place setting double as a small favor for guests to take home.

So you see, ornaments are more than just Christmas tree decorations. They can add a festive touch to any room of the home, and bring color and shine where needed. I hope you’ll try some of these decorating ideas. Cheers!


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