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I’m in full on Christmas decorating mode over here and I’m loving decorating the new house with what I already have, + a few new pieces added to the mix.  You’ve already seen my Christmas tree decorating, and today I’m sharing another view of our family room with the fireplace and a casual entertaining set up.

I was lucky enough and THRILLED to be invited by HomeGoods to participate in their holiday blogger challenge which uses their Stylescope quiz to determine your decorating, entertaining, and gifting personality.  Well, if there’s anything I love more than shopping at HomeGoods, it’s taking quizes like these and getting the results.  Mine ended up being “Classic-with a touch of New Country” – right on!

I have such an eclectic design aesthetic, but I love to keep the high ticket items classic.  I also love to add in rustic earthy details to make the home feel warm and inviting.  Here’s my room and how I incorporated the Classic-New Country style using items I found at HomeGoods.

christmas stockings christmas mantel

  • I’ve been searching and searching for new stockings that would go with our current design.  All my old ones are traditional red & green, but I needed something more neutral for my gold and silver decor.  I felt like I hit the jackpot when I came across these 4 coordinating animal print stockings at HomeGoods.  I love how they feel a little glam but a little rustic at the same time, and I knew they would appeal to my family {they love animals and the outdoors}.  TIP:  Stuff crumpled paper into the stockings to give them some shape as they hang.
  • The mantel is sleek and simple.  I used what I already had for this area.  The white feather wreath fits in with the natural theme, and the mix of gold and silver pieces ties into the tree decorations and the rest of the room.  A green ribbon around the necks of paper mache reindeer adds a pop of color to the vignette.

christmas chair and pillow christmas entertaining

  • As you can see, I already have a classic zebra chair in this room.  I love that chair so much and have had friends BEGGING me to sell it to them!  It ties in perfectly with my animal print stockings, and I added a new lambs wool pillow from HG – we call it the hairy pillow.
  • The side table {a previous purchase at HG} is set with snacks for holiday entertaining.

homegoods blogger design challengechristmas tray christmas entertaining with HomeGoods christmas olives

  • I bought a few key pieces for entertaining too.  One of our favorite ways to enjoy the Christmas tree and the fireplace is to sit on the floor and watch tv, read, play games, and have snacks.  I found this fabulous tray that’s too perfect for this space!: white + gold + silver.  We don’t have a “coffee table” in here, but a large ottoman “table” so I have to have a tray to hold drinks or food.
  • For my husband and me, our favorite Friday night wind down is wine and cheese with accompaniments.  I found this cheese serving set in gold, which is totally on trend and classic too.  It comes with 4 different shapes of servers for the different types of cheeses.
  • I also picked up a set of these footed lions head bowls.  I had seen them on a few previous trips and was obsessed with them!  I finally gave in and bought some, and I love how they look here holding feta and jalapeno stuffed olives.

christmas with homegoods game nightchristmas with HomeGoods

  • You can also see my reindeer in front of the fireplace – love that little guy!  And I even got the huge shaggy area rug at HG a few months ago when we moved in.  It’s the only place I found a rug big enough for the room, at a great price, and exactly the style I was looking for.  It’s so thick and plush, you could lose a small child in there!!

Truth be told, I do most of my shopping at HomeGoods;  in fact I go once {sometimes twice} a week because they get shipments almost daily and I have to see what’s new!  I’ve also been shopping their sister store TJMaxx for close to 20 years – before it was “cool” to do so.  It’s been my secret fashion weapon and I always get compliments when I wear an outfit from there.  I really can’t express what a thrill it’s been to be invited to participate in this challenge.

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Disclosure:  I was given a stipend to shop HomeGoods store and participate in the design challenge, however all opinions are my own, and yes, I’m obsessed with their stores.

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