Microwave Chocolate Lava Cakes In A Jar

Make these easy chocolate lava cakes in a jar in 60 seconds!

I made the most divine little dessert in a jar for my 4th of July shoot this weekend! I can’t give enough accolades to this treat which made my head spin for 3 reasons: it’s chocolate {hello!}, it’s in a jar {perfect portion control}, and it’s MICROWAVABLE in 60 SECONDS!

I knew I needed to add something chocolate to the dessert mix {as I’ve explained about adding variety in flavors & textures to sweets tables here} and had the “unique” idea of chocolate lava cakes in a jar. Turns out the idea wasn’t so unique after all after doing a quick search for a chocolate lava cakes recipe. What I was not prepared for was a microwave version, or such a simple way to add the “lava” part, but that’s exactly what I found on The Yummy Life. Below is the easy recipe, but check out the post on The Yummy Life for all her insight and perfect recommendations for which brands were best {which I followed}.

Make these easy chocolate lava cakes in a jar in 60 seconds!

Chocolate Lava Cakes in a Jar

  • 1 family-sized brownie mix
  • oil & water called for on box
  • eggs called for on box PLUS 1 extra
  • Dove dark chocolate Promise squares
  • Vanilla ice cream for topping, if desired
  • 12 – 14 small canning jars {4 oz}

Empty brownie mix into a large bowl and whisk out the larger lumps. Combine oil, water, and eggs in another bowl, until mixed well. Pour wet mixture into brownie mix and stir until well combined {about 50 strokes}.

Using a measuring scoop, pour batter into jar, filling halfway. Press 2 Dove Promise candies {stacked 1 on top of the other} into the center of the batter and use a spoon to cover them with batter.

Cook 1 at a time in the microwave {on a dish if you don’t have one of those rotating disks inside} for 60 seconds. Remove jar with a towel as it will be very hot.

Once it has cooled slightly, put the lid on and save until ready to serve.

What you end up with is this perfectly chocolaty cake with a molten center surprise.  I found that you can re-heat them for about 20 seconds {if they are totally cooled} to get the warmth & gooieness back.  Also, you can fill your jars, put the lid on, and save them in the refrigerator for up to 1 week until ready to cook.  Make sure you let them come to room temperature first though.

Make these easy chocolate lava cakes in a jar in 60 seconds!

You can see the full 4th of July party shoot here!


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  1. I’m adding Dove chocolates to the grocery list! Can’t wait to make this delicious dessert … in 60 seconds!! Thanks for the inspiration, Chris.

  2. I can’t wait to try these! The look so yummy AND cute.

  3. They look so delicious! I would love to try some. They look awesome.

  4. Those look great! But I got a question, is it necessary to cook them one at a time? If I’m making them for a party that’s a lot of time away from the party doing them that way : ( Thanks

    • Good question, Osp. The Yummy Life says you can cook up to 4 cakes at one time, adding 1/2 minute for each additional cake.
      They are so delicious. I hope you give it a try!

  5. OMG! As you can see, am really addicted to your blog. I love lava cakes and to have them at home whenever I want one ist fantastic! Mouthwatering pic!!!

  6. Hi!

    How much oil should i add in? I intend to give it as a gift. Do i seal the lid and keep it refrigerated first? This looks too yummy!

    • Jo, it will likely depend on the brand of mix you use. You just need to follow the boxes instructions & add an extra egg.
      Yes, secure the lid and refrigerate un-cooked jar/mix. Let it come to room temperature for about 30 minutes before microwaving.

  7. I am kinda iffy about cooking them in a microwave? Do they come out completely cooked? I’m debating on whether to do bake them in the oven or microwave.


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